What is Blockchain Technology?  Is It Secure and Viable in 2022 and Beyond?

What is blockchain

By now, almost everyone has heard of the term cryptocurrency. You may have even considered investing in it. Moreover, a common term you’ve probably heard several times in the past few months is blockchain technology. What is blockchain technology? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Even though blockchain technology has been around for more than a … Read more

6 Unique Reasons To Expect The Dogecoin Price To Rise In 2022

Dogecoin price

The idea that a cryptocurrency may have enduring value is not outlandish. In the past few months, the Dogecoin price ( DOGE 1.08% ) has gone through a roller-coaster pattern of massive price surges and dizzying plunges, despite people dismissing it as a joke coin with no real potential for growth.  Historically, coin performance has been insignificant. … Read more

Cryptocurrency Investing: What Are Stablecoins?

What are stablecoins

Financial Planning and Investment Advisor, Mercer Street has allowed me to republish this post on what are Stablecoins. If you’re an investor in cryptocurrency or NFTs, you should definitely read it. Bitcoin is yet again surging in value, closing the gap to its previous all-time high. That’s exciting, right? Absolutely, but not for everyone. Bitcoin, while … Read more