OpenSea NFT Expands into Venture Capital, BTC, and ETC Choppy, BlockFi is Blocked from Offering High Yield Product


There was one standout winner in the crypto market last week: Axie Infinity’s SLP, which increased by 181.6% over the last seven days. No other cryptocurrencies came close to this number, but there were many other climbers — such as SHIB (up 35%), LEO (up 22.1%), and EGLD (up 21.3%). Meanwhile, a few cryptocurrencies experienced … Read more

NFT Music Theft Accusation Levelled Against Hitpiece


The NFT market has seen immense growth over the last few years so much so, thieves and fraudsters have found a way to profit. This post from Wealth of Geeks explains all. Tim The music industry is designed to take beautiful, ineffable art and nail it to an extremely affable content delivery system for exploitation … Read more

Crypto Lending and Staking Crypto – How They Can be Used for Passive Income

Crypto lending, staking crypto

This post by Joe at Play Louder explains the new but growing trends of crypto lending and staking crypto. Joe addresses some of the confusion there is around them. For cryptocurrency and NFT investors, they should be on your research list. Tim With market capitalization reaching a record $3-trillion last year, crypto investing rocketed closer … Read more

Facebook Parent Meta Enters NFT Market

NFTs have officially made their way to the mainstream. Meta, the recently renamed parent company of Facebook, is planning its arrival in the NFT space, a $40-plus billion market opportunity. According to The Financial Times, Facebook and Instagram developers are in the process of building features that will make it easy for users to display, … Read more

How to Invest in NFTs (It’s Easier Than You Think)

How to Invest in NFTs

If 2021 was the year the world collectively tried to get its head around what NFTs are, 2022 is the year to consider getting involved. Whether you’ve been browsing Twitter and got jealous of all the Bored Apes Club profile pictures or you’re interested in the grassroots power of NFTs to support artists, maybe that’s … Read more

Zora NFT: A Brave New Era for Creatives and Investors Alike?

Zora NFT

Zora NFT Zora NFT is a universal media registry protocol. Media register is a centralized, simple, and effective way of tracking and managing copyrights. It is a platform for creators to share their work, earn money from it, and have others build and share it with them. It’s also an emerging asset class within the … Read more