6 Unique Reasons To Expect The Dogecoin Price To Rise In 2022

Dogecoin price

The idea that a cryptocurrency may have enduring value is not outlandish. In the past few months, the Dogecoin price ( DOGE 1.08% ) has gone through a roller-coaster pattern of massive price surges and dizzying plunges, despite people dismissing it as a joke coin with no real potential for growth.  Historically, coin performance has been insignificant. … Read more

Cryptocurrency Investing: What Are Stablecoins?

What are stablecoins

Financial Planning and Investment Advisor, Mercer Street has allowed me to republish this post on what are Stablecoins. If you’re an investor in cryptocurrency or NFTs, you should definitely read it. Bitcoin is yet again surging in value, closing the gap to its previous all-time high. That’s exciting, right? Absolutely, but not for everyone. Bitcoin, while … Read more

6 Signs Bitcoin Will Cause More Pain and Crash Another 20%


Bitcoin has been rising since 2021 and tripled in value since November 2021. And the optimism is justified. The digital currency has increased by 70% since the start of the year, bringing the total worth of the crypto market to $2 trillion. Bitcoin’s prospects have been dampened by recent price volatility and heightened regulatory scrutiny. … Read more

Kracken Gains Important Milestone and More News


We’ve seen the crypto market start to recover over the last few weeks, and last week was a continuation of this trend.  Zilliqa’s price increased by an incredible 137.1% over the last seven days, although a coin is still worth significantly less than $1. Other big risers were HOLO (up 62.1%), CVX (up 57.8%, and … Read more

Investing in Cryptocurrency: Is Now the Perfect Time?

Investing in cryptocurrency

If you have even a passing interest in crypto, you’re probably aware of the crazy swings the market has undergone recently. After the prices of many coins reached extreme high points at the start of 2022, they’ve since plummeted to severe lows, leaving many wondering what would come next. Now things appear to be calming, … Read more

Digihost Raises Capital, OpenSea Auctions Mickey Mantle Baseball Card


The markets continued to struggle last week, and for the most part, crypto hasn’t been an exception. However, there were a few standout success stories. WAVES increased 60.3% — a sudden recovery given the coin hasn’t come anywhere near its current value since July 2021. RUNE from ThorChain also enjoyed a resurgence, rising 37.1%, and … Read more

What is Blockchain?

What is blockchain

Financial Planning and Investment Advisor, Mercer Street has given permission to republish this short introduction post to what is blockchain and its relationship to NFTs. I hope you find it useful. Tim It’s impossible to exist on the internet and not hear about blockchain. You may not understand what a blockchain is or how they … Read more