3 Smart Bitcoin Beginner Tips

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Before Investing in Cryptocurrencies, Read These Three Easy Tips To Get Started   1) Diversification is Essential    Hope is not a investment strategy.   Investing all your money in cryptocurrencies in the expectation of early retirement probably means that you’re hoping rather than planning for the outcomes you want.    Why? Because it is […]

The Bank of England And The Potential Of Blockchain

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Regulation Might Come To Cryptocurrencies But Blockchain’s Potential Is Recognized   Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England (BoE) recently spoke about the cryptocurrency market.    He recognised the potential offered by the technology supporting the cryptocurrencies – the blockchain. However, he also suggested there should be more regulation in the market.   […]

What is the Blockchain?

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Wondering What is Blockchain? Investing In Cryptocurrencies Means You Need to Know   Any investor in stocks, bonds or commodities or even the cryptocurrencies should have a strong understanding of what they are actually investing in.   If it you want to invest in General Electric (GE) stock you should know a little about its […]